Yukio Miyamoto is a renowned illustrator who has been publishing books in Japan about using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for several years. He has also been a contributor to American books on Illustrator, including the Illustrator Wow! books and Real World Illustrator.

Yukio Miyamoto has been working with Adobe Illustrator from the beginning and it shows. His illustrations are incredibly photo-realistic.

By using the gradient mesh tool, Miyamoto-san brings 3D life to 2D drawings. In some instances he uses the pen tool to trace a photo of the subject on a separate layer. He then adds his blends, colors, lines, and shading for a truly remarkable finished product.

His books in Japanese cover using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (with Illustrator?) for illustration and design.

Publications on Adobe Illustrator range from general instruction for a particular version, to workshops in specialized areas of the program. He is internationally known for his photorealistic techniques, requiring an expert knowledge of every aspect of Illustrator.

Appearancey book in Japanese continues to explore creating special e ects in Illustrator with a collection of 150 meticulously-crafted Appearances. He has developed these as text e ects for immediate use by designers and artists.



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