e Appearances book in Japanese continues to explore creating special e ects in Illustrator with a collection of 150 meticulously-crafted Appearances. He has developed these as text e ects for immediate use by designers and artists.

Appearances are similar in nature to a combination of Photoshop’s Layer Styles and new Smart Filters, creating illusions and special e ects, but are less linear, and more exible in their added complexity. e explanatory chapter will emphasize creating speci c Appearance properties in order to teach the reader how to deconstruct the included Appearances for modifying or creating their own type treatments and special e ects.

e Appearances themselves will be organized into categories by property, i.e., metal, glass, seasonal, etc, many of which can be applied with a simple click of the mouse as Graphic Styles. e organization will make it easy
for users to look up a collection of Appearances that would be immediately suitable for the intended design, or become the start of a similar treatment by the artist or designer.





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